Software Development Specialist

Beylikdüzü, Istanbul / Turkey



Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Eskisehir / Turkey
Computer Engineering
2002 - 2007


  • .NET (C# and ASP.NET)
  • Java SE, JSP, Java Desktop(Swing + JavaFx)
  • Android Development with Java
  • IOS Development with Swift
  • C


MS SQL Server, MySql, Sqlite, TCP-IP, WCF, Web Services, Linux, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, XML, JSON, GSM/GPRS AT Commands, Project Management




Work Experience

Software Development Specialist / Makel Şirketler Grubu
Jun 2008 - Current

Developing software solutions for various enterprice projects and IoT systems. Also doing project management and leading a small software team with 3 engineers.

Smarthome Project (Building automation system with KNX)

[ detailed information ]

* Developing Android application with Java for Android phones and tablets.
* Developing IOS application with Swift for IPhone/IPad devices.
* Developing Java application(JavaFX) for desktop environment.
* Developing Java desktop application(configuration software) with Swing for system installers.
* Developed JSP web application for browser based clients.
* Developed Java services for data exchange between client applications and the server.
* Developed some bash linux scripts for Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone that we use as mini server.

AMR(Automatic meter reading) Project

[ detailed information ]

* Developing Windows Services (with C#) which collectes data from meters over TCP/IP.
* Developing web interface with ASP.NET(Web Forms + Devexpress).
* Developing web services for data sharing with third-party systems and companies.
* Developed GSM/GPRS modem software with C.
* Developed Android NFC application which reads data from NFC enabled electriciy meters.

Machine Monitoring Project(an introduction to Industry 4.0)

* Developed Windows Service with C# which collects realtime data from Arburg injection machines in the factory(Makel).
* Developed Java application on RaspberryPi USB emulator for transferring data files from machines to the server.
* Developed desktop application with C# which shows the realtime status of the Arburg injection machines on TVs in the factory.

Gresbas Project(an EU project)

[ project web site ]

* Developing Java applications which collect and push energy consumption values from electriciy meters and KNX multimeters to the gamification server.
* Developing communication library with C# for ITU to be used in their server-side software.

Other Projects and Tasks

* Developing production automation softwares of some products (C#).
* Developing similators and test applications for embedded system engineers (C#).
* Managing and maintaining servers of the AMR customers.
* Developing some hobby applications for myself about stock market (C# - WPF).

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